Heightened Soul believes in holistic solutions which are grounded in healing, love, and deep and educated research. Through our programs, we encourage people to HEAL and learn to Live Love and Laugh again.

Founder/Mentor: Julie Elsdon-Height

At the age of 36 Julie Elsdon-Height was a wife and mother at the height of her career when she finally faced the fact that she was numbing her emotions with alcohol and it was negatively affecting her life. For years Julie had struggled to suppress her feelings of being overwhelmed, panicked and unworthy. Alcohol had been her crutch and she had reached the hopeless point where she knew death would be a reality unless she sought help. She faced her alcoholism and had begun to learn to live a new life when 3 weeks later she was involved in a car accident that changed her life forever.

Left with physical injuries, PTSD and a brain injury Julie felt truly worthless and was desperate to find a way to improve her overall wellness. She sought out Western Medicine but when the professionals tried to push addictive prescription medication, Julie knew there must be another way.

Through massage therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, meditation and many other techniques Julie has improved her emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical being.

She has since become an award winning blogger at Life Straight UP! , co-owner of a successful digital marketing company, world traveller and has had the pleasure of enjoying life with her husband and children.

Over the years, Julie has worked with many people to help them on the path of healing. Between performing the role as a sobriety sponsor to mentoring people with emotional challenges, life changes and trauma…Julie has helped people to develop skills to move through these seasons in life and learn to enjoy it as it comes.

Julie was compelled to provide support to people who are silently suffering. With Heightened Soul, Julie is bringing forward support, information, tools and love to people in need like she has been in the past.