The HEAL program is the first of Heightened Soul’s wellness programs which focuses on exploring one’s inner life and emotional disposition. This is an ideal program to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfillment.

The focus is to explore one’s emotional habits and address current life situations with effective tools to restore emotional balance.

HEAL is suitable for anyone seeking support for life change and life challenging situations of any kind, as well as for targeting behaviours such as emotionally-driven eating habits, relationship issues including loss or break-ups, work related difficulties, anxiety and grief.

This program offers an experience of self discovery and growth both through the use of effective tools and independent work over the course of the program which will be reviewed by the Mentor.

We will meet weekly in person or online via Skype and engage in conversation to explore how powerful the mind is and you will be given homework and concrete techniques to overcome and find joy.


This program is offered in package format of 4 one hour sessions. These can be in person or online via Skype. The fee is $240, payable via e-transfer or Paypal.

To book a spot in the HEAL program, inquire at or use the form below.